The Red Awakening

Meetings in the Forest
Recap 1/12

Attendees: Exalto, Gromper, Jarv, Maecey, Pip, Ragraax

  • The party was sleeping
    • A wild Exalto appeared!
    • A wild Ragraax appeared!
    • Jarv and Pip woke up (Gromper and Maecey are heavy sleepers)
    • Jarv and Ragraax have shared some adventure. It seems to have been embarrassing or troubling.
    • Pip sneaks off to meditate (finds a very peaceful spot near a pool of water)
  • Jarv kicks Gromper in his tent to wake him
    • Gromper is suspicious of Ragraax (it’s a height thing)
    • Gromper and Exalto get along
  • Jarv wakes up Maecey
    • Maecey and Ragraax were in a band together
      • It broke up
      • There is some disagreement on what exactly happened and who left who
  • Folks were hungry; Maecey went to get Pip so everyone could have breakfast
    • Pip did some fancy work with a blade and a flower
    • Maecey found more fishbones
  • Breakfast foraging was done
    • A brace of connies were found
    • Gromper cooked them in fine dDwarvish fashion
  • The group traveled west to the willow
    • There wasn’t much there
  • The group traveled north to the forest
    • There wasn’t much there
    • The group talked while traveling
      • Jarv is an orphan, who was taken in by an old man
  • The group traveled west to the chasm
    • It was smelly (which could have just been Gromper’s feet)
    • Pip decided to scurry part way down the chasm to investigate
      • Used a rope to scale down and flip across to a ledge on the other side (ledge was 30 feet down; total depth was about 100 feet)
      • Pip saw some scary looking eyes down at the bottom of the chasm
      • Pip wanted to investigate more; everyone else thought it best to let sleeping dragons lie
      • The group made a swing with a branch and a rope to pull Pip back up
  • The group traveled north/northwest towards the ruins/labyrinth/lair-of-the-beast
    • Jarv “Keen Eyes” found some cultists
    • Ragraax plucked one of Pip’s eyelashes and turned him invisible
    • Pip went in for a closer look
      • The cultists were malnourished
      • They were in the middle of performing a ritual (cutting up a boar)
      • The cultists had on masks…made out of animal heads, most had horns
      • The cultists were modestly armed and armored, easy enough to take
  • Attack!
    • Ragraax played a lullabye and put a few of the cultists asleep
    • Pip wasn’t sure if the cultists were bad enough to attack, so he hid
    • Maecey turned a cultist crazy so he started attacking his friend
    • Gromper burnt a cultist to cinders with his smoldering hammer
    • Ragraax played a marching tune, inspiring the party and harming the cultists
    • Exalto reduced a cultist to a necrotic scab
    • Jarv shot many arrows, some cultists became pin cushions
    • Maecey disappeared and a potted plant appeared
      • Pip went to investigate and became upset
      • Pip accidentally broke the pot
      • The potted plant turned back into Maecey
    • Gromper smashed a cultist’s head into his body
    • The cultists were obliterated

Character / Current Level / Current Exp / Next Level Exp / Inspiration / Fate Points
Exalto / 3 / 950 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Gromper / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 7
Jarv / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Maecey / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 8
Pip / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Ragraax / 3 / 950 / 2700 / Yes / 7

The Lakehouse Murders
Recap 12/3

Attendees: Gromper, Pip, Jarv, Maecey

  • Gromper visited with a priest, discussed murders that needed to be investigated, and left for a town
  • Modest fishing village, Springwater
  • Series of murders have been going on – appear to be from a horned beast
    • Family killed in their homestead
    • Couple in love killed by the lake
  • Mayor Dumpy offered 1000 gold pieces to anyone who would help deal with the monster
  • Gromper challenged the mayor with not doing enough to protect his village
    • Dancing lights helped him mesmerize the crowd
  • One of the crowd volunteered Pip to help
  • Jarv stepped forward and offered to help
    • Already hired by [the woman in the couple in love]’s father to find out what happened and kill the beast
  • Mayor Dumpy explained some things to Gromper/Pip/Jarv
    • Millie was a witness to one of the killings (her boyfriend was one of the members of the family killed at the homestead)
    • Asked Jarv who hired him
    • Family at homestead was killed a 10-day-ago
    • Lovers at the lake were killed 3 days ago
    • Attacks were brutal, killed via clawed to death
  • Headed down to the lake to investigate the bodies
    • Met Millie on the way, she explained that she saw the beast leaving the homestead where her boyfriend lived, she didn’t see the actual attack, but she knew it must have been the beast
    • Met Maecey by the lake
      • Jarv noticed her following
      • Pip and Maecey were already friends
      • She had been following the group with mild curiosity and had stopped along the shore to look for new fishbones (she carves them into things)
    • Bodies had been strangled, the claw marks had been added post-mortem
    • It didn’t appear that the bodies had been robbed at the time of the murders
    • Millie was troubled at the sound of the bodies being strangled
    • Millie mentioned that there was a guy that kept drawing the beast (man with a shock of blond hair)
  • Went to the tavern to find the man with a shock of blond hair
    • Barkeep knew who it was – Dyllon
    • Dyllon wasn’t there, but there was a table that he drew on frequently
      • Pip and Maecey investigated the table – it had a drawing of Baphomet (evil god) on it
      • Maecey carved a small statue of Baphomet based on the drawing (2 attempts, first looked like a toucan)
      • Gromper came in to see what was going on
      • Man (Paul) near table said he knew about Dyllon
        • Gromper tried to intimidate him to get info (broke the table, which Maecey had to fix)
        • Maecey bribed him with a beer
        • Man explained that Dyllon lived in a shanty on the roof of the cobbler’s house
    • Jarv was outside and introduced Millie to the man who hired him
      • The man was uncomfortable around Millie – said that she showed up after the attacks
    • Gromper/Pip/Jarv left the tavern to go see Dyllon, Maecey stayed behind to fix the table
    • Found Dyllon, who was holed up in the shanty
      • Lots of drawings on the walls
      • Afraid of everything
      • Jarv tried to follow track Millie, but lost her, found a home with lots of women instead
      • Maecey showed up, so did a unicorn
      • Had a scar on his hand from being initiated into the cult of Baphomet
      • Promised to give the location of the beast (drew a map)
        • West to the willow
        • North to the forest
        • West to the chasm
        • North, Northwest to the ruins (lair/labyrinth of the beast)
  • Left to find the labyrinth
    • Ambushed by bandits on the way
    • Gromper made one flee
    • Jarv shot them full of arrows
    • Maecey poisoned and froze them (with some side effects – flying)
    • Jarv restrained the flyer
    • Pip kicked out some kneecaps
    • Jarv shattered a bandit that Maecey froze
    • Maecey almost died
  • Made camp for the night (stopped at the beginning of an extended rest

Character / Current Level / Current Exp / Next Level Exp / Inspiration / Fate Points
Gromper / 3 / 2300 / 2700 / No / 0
Jarv / 3 / 2300 / 2700 / No / 0
Maecey / 3 / 2300 / 2700 / No / 0
Pip / 3 / 2300 / 2700 / No / 0


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