The Red Awakening

Meetings in the Forest

Recap 1/12

Attendees: Exalto, Gromper, Jarv, Maecey, Pip, Ragraax

  • The party was sleeping
    • A wild Exalto appeared!
    • A wild Ragraax appeared!
    • Jarv and Pip woke up (Gromper and Maecey are heavy sleepers)
    • Jarv and Ragraax have shared some adventure. It seems to have been embarrassing or troubling.
    • Pip sneaks off to meditate (finds a very peaceful spot near a pool of water)
  • Jarv kicks Gromper in his tent to wake him
    • Gromper is suspicious of Ragraax (it’s a height thing)
    • Gromper and Exalto get along
  • Jarv wakes up Maecey
    • Maecey and Ragraax were in a band together
      • It broke up
      • There is some disagreement on what exactly happened and who left who
  • Folks were hungry; Maecey went to get Pip so everyone could have breakfast
    • Pip did some fancy work with a blade and a flower
    • Maecey found more fishbones
  • Breakfast foraging was done
    • A brace of connies were found
    • Gromper cooked them in fine dDwarvish fashion
  • The group traveled west to the willow
    • There wasn’t much there
  • The group traveled north to the forest
    • There wasn’t much there
    • The group talked while traveling
      • Jarv is an orphan, who was taken in by an old man
  • The group traveled west to the chasm
    • It was smelly (which could have just been Gromper’s feet)
    • Pip decided to scurry part way down the chasm to investigate
      • Used a rope to scale down and flip across to a ledge on the other side (ledge was 30 feet down; total depth was about 100 feet)
      • Pip saw some scary looking eyes down at the bottom of the chasm
      • Pip wanted to investigate more; everyone else thought it best to let sleeping dragons lie
      • The group made a swing with a branch and a rope to pull Pip back up
  • The group traveled north/northwest towards the ruins/labyrinth/lair-of-the-beast
    • Jarv “Keen Eyes” found some cultists
    • Ragraax plucked one of Pip’s eyelashes and turned him invisible
    • Pip went in for a closer look
      • The cultists were malnourished
      • They were in the middle of performing a ritual (cutting up a boar)
      • The cultists had on masks…made out of animal heads, most had horns
      • The cultists were modestly armed and armored, easy enough to take
  • Attack!
    • Ragraax played a lullabye and put a few of the cultists asleep
    • Pip wasn’t sure if the cultists were bad enough to attack, so he hid
    • Maecey turned a cultist crazy so he started attacking his friend
    • Gromper burnt a cultist to cinders with his smoldering hammer
    • Ragraax played a marching tune, inspiring the party and harming the cultists
    • Exalto reduced a cultist to a necrotic scab
    • Jarv shot many arrows, some cultists became pin cushions
    • Maecey disappeared and a potted plant appeared
      • Pip went to investigate and became upset
      • Pip accidentally broke the pot
      • The potted plant turned back into Maecey
    • Gromper smashed a cultist’s head into his body
    • The cultists were obliterated

Character / Current Level / Current Exp / Next Level Exp / Inspiration / Fate Points
Exalto / 3 / 950 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Gromper / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 7
Jarv / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Maecey / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 8
Pip / 3 / 2350 / 2700 / Yes / 6
Ragraax / 3 / 950 / 2700 / Yes / 7



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