A male dwarven paladin hailing from the hill clan of Battlehammer


Gromper Battlehammer (dwarf)



269 (approaching old age for a dwarf)


A short (even for a dwarf), thick & stout, red haired (starting to grey). My personal hygiene and upkeep is minimal with the exception of my beard… I spend extra amounts of time grooming my long, wiry beard.

Birth and Origins

I was born in the dwarven city of Stormgaard. I was raised by my parents until their death (at the hands of an orc raiding party), both my older brother Mcrush and I were rescued and cared for by a wandering Paladin named Thorsam Forgrebrow.

Parents history

Parents are both dead. My father was a smith who forged legendary weapons for the kingdoms of old. My mother tended house and helped with the yearly clan duties of foraging and gathering.

Other family/friends

My older brother Mcrush, trained by the same wandering paladin. He betrayed our mentor and killed him as he slept.

Marital Status


Moral Code

Fight the Greater Evil, No mercy for the wicked, By any means Necessary, Restition


Avenge the death of my mentor at the hands of my older brother. I am haunted by the fact that our adoptive father, who committed his life to finding and training other Paladins was betrayed by my own flesh and blood.


Devout follower of Moradin.

Personal beliefs?

Truth and honor and now – powered and pushed forward by the notion of bringing my older brother to justice. This path leads me dangerously close to vengeance.


Despite my physical appearance – i am a germ-a-phobe

Adventuring Force

He is pushed forward by the notion of brining justice to his slain mentor and friend
How does your character view his/her role as an adventurer?
He knows that he was destined to do something great – but is grounded to know that he is not a chosen one.

Distinguishing marks


Social skills

Having been betrayed by my own flesh and blood – my trust is not easily earned


Orcs (who killed his real parents at a young age)




My father was a smith to the kingdoms of old – my father used to tell me stories of a great 2-handed battlehammer that he spent his life crafting. I had seen my father spend every night at the forge working on this weapon and my brother and I at a young age always argued about who the hammer was meant for. My father was killed by a marauding band of orcs and must have had the battlehammer on him.


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